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Zo lief klinkt een stekelvarken.   1 comment


Wat een schattige geluidjes kunnen stekelvarkens maken!

Nooit geweten dat een stekelvarken zulke lieve geluidjes maakt.

Klik op deze link om het filmpje te bekijken.

Veel plezier!

Lady Fangtasia

Have a Haunted Halloween!!!   5 comments

Hi everyone.

Halloween1A post in English?
Yes, but don’t get used to it……… well if you’d like me to post more in English, let me know and i’ll see what i can do okay?

As a wiccan i like Halloween a lot
I’ve bought some halloween candy, muffins and stuff but it’s a pity they don’t sell candy corn in the Netherlands.

Anyway, i  found a nice story about Sleepy Hollow and i wanted to share it with all of you.
I didn’t write it myself, maybe i will share some of my writing with you later.
Enjoy the story and have a Haunted Halloween!

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